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Why would anyone think that you need someone to tell you which title company to use?



Realtors have many choices in front of them each day.  By far, the most important is to CHOOSE SUCCESS, and that decision comes from within you.

For over 20 years, Stonewall Title has sought to be a partner with Realtors who CHOOSE SUCCESS.  We understand your business, and what it takes to be successful in the current market.  We would be honored to be referred to your customers.

What Realtors should know about Title Service Providers:

Simply put, the best title companies are very experienced. The ability to process, conduct, and disburse a settlement is essential, but the condition of the title that is passed from the Seller to your Buyer is something that could impact your customer for generations to come.  Some good advice that you can offer your customer as to selecting a title company is to make sure that the title company actually understands title. Make sure that your customer chooses a Title Service Provider that has a thorough understanding and knowledge of title examinations and title insurance underwriting. 

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Experienced title companies know how to handle the special needs of your customers.  Not all Buyers and Sellers fit a common mold.  Each has a unique set of circumstances defined, not only by their life, but by their agenda – we can call these wants and needs.  A title company of choice should have no difficulty meeting the wants and needs of your customer; it is all a part of providing the attentive customer care that is expected in a service industry.  The processing and sales staff should be readily available, not only to answer questions, but to suggest solutions. 

Reissue Credits are available and can save your Buyer money. If you provide the title company with a copy of an Owners Title Insurance Policy that has been issued on the property within the past 10 years, your Buyer should be entitled to receive a discounted title insurance premium.


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