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Real Estate — a field that requires many different dots to connect, in order for a transaction to achieve fruition.  Fruition – it means “to bear fruit.”  Another commonality among Settlement Service Providers is that your compensation depends on the transaction going to Settlement – now that, truly, is fruition.  Therefore, it is critical that you find a circle of like-minded Settlement Service Providers to connect with; those who view their business as seriously as you view your business.  At Stonewall Title, each Settlement is taken very seriously – we are all about fruition.

Now, let’s take this concept to the next level – growing your business.  Each transaction that you have is like planting a seed to generate referrals – the fruit of future business.  What does the choice of Title Service Providers have to do with future business?  That is a simple a fruit pie.  It has to do with your customer’s experience.  Remember, Settlement is the last chance you have to show your customer a job well-done… and sometimes the last occasion to water those seeds.  The Title Service Provider has the opportunity to assist in nurturing the seeds you have worked so hard to plant.  Allow Stonewall Title to be a part of your circle of service providers – those who set you apart from the rest.

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